I can still remember the first day I met Coach Rob Barletta in Walpole when I was twelve years old. It wasn’t until then when I attended my first boarding camp and started to take the game of hockey seriously. I wasn’t sure of how good or bad I was but it was through hard work and perseverance at camp that Rob and his staff made me realize that I could become a good hockey player. As time went on I went from a kid who showed up for one week of camp, to a kid that spent the majority of my summers in Walpole, and someone the Barletta’s couldn’t get rid of. As I progressed through High School I saw myself continually improving and it was starting to pay off. Nothing was better then when I would see Rob and Chrissy make the trip to come watch me play High School games. As my time playing High School was beginning to expire I got an opportunity to continue my career at the New Hampton School, an opportunity that I may have not been able to have had if it had not been for Rob Barletta’s Hockey School. As the year ended I found myself with options to extend my career even further, and no better option than to play college hockey, something I’d been dreaming of for a long time. I am now enrolled at Southern New Hampshire University and have the privilege of being able to represent the University on the hockey team and I owe a lot of that privilege to Rob Barletta’s Hockey School. Growing up and developing through Rob’s camps I assure you that there is no comparison to the amount of time and attention that Rob puts into every student to continue their development as a hockey player whether it be on or off the ice.