We’ve assembled some of the most commonly asked questions that RB Hockey receives. If after reviewing these you still have questions about our Summer Boarding Camps, Day Camps, Weekly Skills, Private Lessons, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us. And remember as always, if your child does not enjoy the camp after the first day, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee! We’re that confident in our program!

General FAQs

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! We start with our annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in November, followed by our Holiday/New Years sale. We follow a strict and consistent pattern, with our biggest discounts in November. As always, RB Hockey offers a 10% discount off your 2nd players registration as well as the occasional discount code. We also offer 10% off for Military and First Responders. Contact us to have the discounts applied. Please note that discounts may not be combined.

What is your refund policy?

All programs are refundable within seven (7) days of registration unless otherwise noted during registration. A price adjustment may be given if promotional offer is extended within 7 days of registration. A credit towards a future camp will be issued for players who cannot attend due to injury. A doctor’s note may be required for sickness and/or injuries. Refunds or credits will not be issued for campers expelled, not showing up to camp or leaving on their own will. For our full policy, including Covid, click here.

Do you offer make-up days for missed classes/sessions?

We do not have the ability to offer make-up dates for individuals. This is due to needing to keep our skater to instructor ratios down, with the proper amount of instructors being scheduled based on the amount of registered skaters per weekly session. If a class date is cancelled, a date may be rescheduled for the entire class.

Where are your camps and lessons and how do I get there?

All skills programs, and most camps, are held at the Rodman Arena in Walpole, MA unless noted otherwise. To get to the arena from Boston, take Route 93 South to Route 95 South, then take Exit 9 (Route 1 South). At the 2nd light you must reverse your direction using the turn on the right side. Turn left and left again onto Route 1. The Arena will be on your right. Take the second driveway. For other detailed routes, click here.

In terms of skill, will my player fit in?

On the first day we break up players into separate groups on the ice. Players are put into groups with players of not only there age but ability. The drills are then tailored to push the advanced players and create drills for the beginning players as well. Whether an advanced player or a beginner we teach everyone with the same enthusiasm, technique and work ethic.

At what age can I start my player in a hockey school?

All of our hockey programs are built for players that can skate. If your player can skate fairly well and push a puck, we will take them from there. Goalies tend to start the position somewhere between 6-8 years old. Parents must talk to their player about paying attention in line and absolutely no hitting, teasing, or fooling around in line. If your player is in need of a Learn To Skate program, click here.

What equipment does my player need?

All players participating need full hockey equipment. To see the checklist, click here.

What is the player to coach ratio?

We typically put skaters into groups of 10 players with 2-3 coaches per group. Our standard goalie ratio is 3:1.

Which camp or skills session is best for my player?

As far as the skill sessions go, we use hockey (not skating) experience to determine which group your player will fit into. We evaluate all players on a daily and weekly basis and will move players according to there ability. If your player is advanced we will move them to a higher (maybe older) group. If your player is put into an advanced group and we feel it is too high, we will move them down. In the week-long camps we also split all players up by age and ability.

Do you offer elite player training?

Yes, we offer a AAA summer camp. The difference with our AAA camp is the intensity of the teaching and the tempo of the drills. Because the tempo is higher we can get to more aspects of hockey situations and confrontational drills. The techniques for skating and skills are the same whether we are coaching advanced or beginners, so you still get the same training that you expect from our programs.

Do your goalie coaches work at every session?

Yes! Goalies are welcome at all of our programs. We do not believe in putting goalies on the ice just to “take shots,” but rather to develop their movement, balance, agility, angling and technique. Therefore we offer a specific goalie program for each one of the goalies that attend our programs. When attending a camp or skill session, make sure to indicate that you’re a goalie and be prepared to work very hard. To learn more about our goalie offerings, please visit ngdgoalies.com.

Do you use pucks or do you focus only on skating?

RB Hockey is a hockey school and pucks are used at all skater camps and skill sessions. Players are not only taught fundamentals and skating but how to carry the puck and stickhandle at full speed. Goalies use pucks during some sessions as many of our sessions are focused on movement, balance, and positioning. This is the base for every goalie. These fundamentals must be in place before shots can be taken. Shots on goalies are an important part of how we develop goalies, but they are used under direct supervision and applied so the goalies can develop the necessary habits to be successful at the position.

Summer FAQs

When will you announce your summer camp dates?

Summer camp dates and line-ups are announced in November.

Which hockey skills do your camps stress the most?

All aspects of hockey and skating, including: forward and backward skating, crossovers, stopping, quick/explosive starts, stick handling at full speed, game situations, dekes, and more. Coaches not only explain and demonstrate how to do drills, but why it is important in the game of hockey.

Do you have camps just for female hockey players?

Yes! While female hockey players are welcome at all of our programs we do offer a women’s and girl’s only summer camp week every year. The drills we use are set up so that each student is pushed to their full potential by the coaches and not by just competing with other players. Coaches stress a strong work effort from each player involved.

Do boarding camps include lodging and meals?

Yes all boarding campers stay at the Home2 Suites, just a mile up the road from the rink. Transportation is provided to and from the rink each day. Breakfast is served at the hotel, lunch is served at the rink, and dinner will be served either at the rink or the hotel, depending on what the meal is that night.

What are the boarding camp sleeping arrangements?

Located just one mile up the street from Rodman Arena, the new Home2 Suites hosts our camps for the week. Rooms will sleep 3 players per room in 3 double beds. For more hotel information, visit their website.

Who will be supervising the campers at night?

The same qualified staff that works with your children on the ice will attend to their needs at the hotel. This helps our campers and coaches bond off the ice as well as on the ice. At RB Hockey we run Cori/Sori background checks on all of our staff. Our coaches have rooms situated on both sides of our camper rooms at the hotel and are available all night long.

Does my player need to bring a lunch to summer camp?

Lunch is only provided for boarding campers. All full-day campers should bring a cold brown bag lunch. Half-day campers do not need lunch as they are picked up or dropped off before/after lunch.

What should my player bring to summer camp?

Non-boarding campers should bring a bag lunch, water bottle/gatorade, snacks if desired, and clothing for dryland (including sneakers). Boarding campers do not need to bring meals, but a lot of our campers like to bring a case of water/gatorade and snacks for their rooms. Boarders should also bring enough athletic clothing for dryland each day, sneakers, a bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, and toiletries such as toothbrush and toothpaste. A little extra spending money might come in handy as well for vending machines, skate sharpening, pro shop, etc. Review our Boarding Camp Checklist here.

Is skate sharpening available?

Skate sharpening is available each morning of summer camps from 8-9am for $6 in the CCM Zone Pro Shop. It is available during all weekly evening skills programs as well.

Do you offer specialized training camps?

Yes we offer defensive, stick handling, power skating, and other specialty camp types. At all of our summer camps we teach stick handling techniques, how to deliver and take a check, skating, shooting and much more. We do not have scrimmages but “Game Situation” drills are used to teach players proper game techniques.

Which airport is closest and is there transportation available?

Both the Logan Airport in Boston and the TF Green Airport in Rhode Island are about the same length of trip. We do not offer a shuttle, however if arranged ahead of time we can schedule a coach pick up for $75. Contact us if you are in need of this option.