What To Expect

At our Defenseman camp you’ll learn critical position-specific skills and tactics, including defensive and offensive skills to gain the extra edge in game situations. Our drills will focus on the defenseman aspects of real game play. Support drills at the point, winning the 1 on 1 battles, attacking the triangle, power moves, odd and even man rushes and checking. These drills will help each player understand their specific position and teach reaction with confidence.

Using a variety of game-situation drills, we teach the defenseman how to angle players to keep them away from the net. In-front coverage, stepping up in the play, and closing the gap while keeping your feet moving. Reversing and breaking the puck out of the D-zone also will be addressed. Players participate in confrontational drills against players in their age group, making the drills more game-like and reactionary. We’ll cover things such as defensive tactics, layering, reversing puck, angling, gap control, net play and puck protection.

Defenseman Dates

July 17th - July 21stWalpole, MA6-17 yrs$395$395$695-Sign Up
Aug 7th - Aug 11thWalpole, MA6-17 yrs$395$395$695$1,295 Sign Up


Monday-Thursday: 9am-11am (AM), 12pm-2pm (PM), 9am-2pm (Full)
Friday: 8am-10am (All Sessions)

Boarding: Sunday 5pm – Friday 10am
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