What To Expect

Our Game Situation camp is designed to focus on the Forward and Defensemen aspects of the game, while at the same time teaching the game of hockey. Our Game Situation drills focus on every aspect of each position. We’ll help players understand their specific position and teach reaction with confidence. We’ll start off covering things such as power skating, forward and backward strides, proper body positioning, explosive forward and backward acceleration, high-speed starts, pivots, turns and stops, and puck control.

Forwards will focus on drills that help the players recognize and react to the play in front of them, with and without the puck. We’ll Cover: winning battles all over the ice, attacking the triangle, applying power moves, screening and tipping in front of the net, odd and even-man rushes, protecting the puck, how to properly check at the right time

Defensemen will focus on drills that help recognize and react to situations that are presented to them. We’ll Cover: how to properly angle an opponent, gap control to keep the pressure on the opponents, defending at the net, understanding how to use the net to your advantage, point positioning to create opportunity, defending odd and even-man rushes, pinning an opponent to the boards, properly checking at the right time.

The players participating in the camp will be going against players in their age group in confrontational drills. This makes the drills feel more game-like and help the players develop their skills, reactions, and confidence.

Game Situation Dates

June 21st - June 25thWalpole, MA6-17 yrs$395$395$695-Sign Up
June 28th - July 2ndWalpole, MA6-17 yrs$395$395$695-Sign Up
July 5th - July 9th Woodbridge, NJ6-17 yrs$395$395$695-Sign Up
July 12th - July 16thWalpole, MA6-17 yrs$395$395$695-Sign Up
July 19th - July 23rdWalpole, MA6-17 yrs$395$395$695-Sign Up
July 26th - July 30thWalpole, MA6-17 yrs$395$395$695-Sign Up
Aug 2nd - Aug 6th Girls Only*Walpole, MA6-17 yrs$395$395$695$1295Sign Up
Aug 2nd - Aug 6th*Walpole, MA6-17 yrs$395$395$695$1295Sign Up
Aug 9th - Aug 13thWalpole, MA6-17 yrs$395$395$695$1295Sign Up
Aug 16th - Aug 20thWalpole, MA6-17 yrs$395$395$695-Sign Up
Aug 23rd - Aug 27thWalpole, MA6-17 yrs$395$395$695-Sign Up


Monday-Thursday: 9am-11am (AM), 12pm-2pm (PM), 9am-2pm (Full)
Friday: 8am-10am (All Sessions)


Girls Only Camps: 9am-11am (AM), 1pm-3pm (PM), 9am-3pm (Full)
Full Day:
11:15am-12pm (dryland), 12:00p-12:30p (lunch)
Friday Only: 8:00am-10:00am

Co-Ed Camps: 11am-1pm (AM), 3pm-5pm (PM), 11am-5pm (Full)
Full Day: 1p-1:45p (lunch), 1:45p-2:30p (dryland)
Friday Only: 10:00am-12:00pm

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