What To Expect

Goaltenders in this Elite Goaltending Program will receive on-ice training that will focus on the intangibles of goaltending. Including, advanced movement and balance training, situational awareness, and mental preparation. This program is for AAA & higher experience levels.

There are two focuses in this program, the first is developing advanced positioning, movement and fluid goaltending. This first focus is geared toward specific technical training where the little habits that goaltenders develop can be addressed and altered. The movement and fluid goaltending are repeated and then the shot component is added to reinforce good habits. Because goalies are not all the same each habit that isn’t efficiently helping their game will be mentored so that the proper habit is replaced. The second focus of this program is to effect change in the way goalies train. Too often goalies rely on shots in practice to get better. This habit is out dated and goalies will learn to train in a way that is highly repetitive and focused on each detail of the game. This is the culmination of all the phases of our goaltending program and will prepare goalies to compete at the highest level.

This is an advanced curriculum which is meant for elite goaltenders and these sessions may require approval.

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Elite Goaltending Dates

June 19th - June 22ndWalpole, MA9-17 yrs$295$295$595-Sign Up
June 26th - June 30thWalpole, MA9-17 yrs$395$395$695-Sign Up
July 10th - July 14thWoodbridge, NJ9-17 yrs$395$395$695-Sign Up
July 10th - July 14thWalpole, MA9-17 yrs$395$395$695-Sign Up
July 17th - July 21stWalpole, MA9-17 yrs$395$395$695-Sign Up
July 24th - July 28thWalpole, MA9-17 yrs$395$395$695-Sign Up
July 31st - Aug 4thWalpole, MA9-17 yrs$395$395$695$1,295 Sign Up
Aug 7th - Aug 11thWalpole, MA9-17 yrs$395$395$695$1,295 Sign Up
Aug 14th - Aug 17thWalpole, MA9-17 yrs$395$395$695-Sign Up


Monday-Thursday: 9am-11am (AM), 12pm-2pm (PM), 9am-2pm (Full)
Friday: 8am-10am (All Sessions)

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