What To Expect

The focus for our Base Goaltending Programs is to build a strong technique that allows the goaltender to progress in his ability to make saves. This program is for developmental, house, A & B levels.

The primary skills that are taught include accurate and efficient movement, balance on skates and basic save choice. Each on-ice session will include goalie specific movement training, focusing on balance and accuracy in movement. Balance is crucial when it comes to goaltending the position of the hands, feet and stick is a focus in base goaltending. If a goalie cannot move efficiently and accurately in balance and on angle around the crease, the chances of making saves is drastically reduced. Not only is the initial movement a focus, but also saves chosen will be an area that in addition to the movement will require specific attention. Balance again is needed when it comes to save choice habits. If young goaltenders are confident in their balance, movement and save choice habits, that confidence will solidify a base that will help progress a goalies functional foundation.

We’ll focus on: C-Cuts, T-Push, Shuffle, Butterfly, Lateral Adjustment, Vertical Adjustment, Save Selection, Glove Saves, Blocker Saves, Pad Saves, Stick Saves


Base Goaltending Dates

June 27th - July 1stWalpole, MA6-17 yrs$395$395$695-Sign Up
July 11th - July 15thWoodbridge, NJ6-17 yrs$395$395$695-Sign Up
July 18th - July 22ndWalpole, MA6-17 yrs$395$395$695-Sign Up
July 25th - July 29thWalpole, MA6-17 yrs$395$395$695-Sign Up
Aug 1st - Aug 5thWalpole, MA6-17 yrs$395$395$695$1295Sign Up
Aug 8th - Aug 12thWalpole, MA6-17 yrs$395$395$695$1295Sign Up
Aug 15th - Aug 19thWalpole, MA6-17 yrs$395$395$695-Sign Up


Monday-Thursday: 9am-11am (AM), 12pm-2pm (PM), 9am-2pm (Full)
Friday: 8am-10am (All Sessions)

Monday-Thursday: 9am-11am (AM), 12pm-2pm (PM), 9am-2pm (Full)
Friday: 8am-10am (All Sessions)

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