Our intense mini clinics, for boys & girls, are designed to give a player the edge in the game of hockey.

Camps offered for all ages; players will be grouped accordingly. All clinics take place at the Rodman Arena in Walpole, MA unless noted otherwise.

Unless otherwise indicated, the student to teacher ratio is 5:1 (4:1 goalies). Instructors will demonstrate drills for specific skill development and coach each player to insure the drills are done correctly. Our dynamic skill sessions cover every aspect of hockey so players learning the sport develop the critical skills to play up to their potential.

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Private Lessons


We will focus on forward/backwards skating, edge control, crossovers, power turns and take-offs. This camp will provide an opportunity for the player to improve both their power and speed of their skating and is a must for any player looking to take their game to the next level.


This session is designed to focus on the Forward and Defensemen aspects of the game, while at the same time teaching the game of hockey. We’ll cover things such as forward and backward strides, proper body positioning, explosive forward and backward acceleration, high-speed starts, pivots, turns and stops, and puck control.


Sessions will touch on balance, position, movement, purposed movement, save selection and recovery, secondary save positioning, game situations and situational awareness. Instructors will help with demonstrations for specific skill development and oversee that the drills are done correctly.

Power SkatingThurs, Nov 11th9:00a-9:50a6-17$50Sign Up
Goalie SkillsThurs, Nov 11th9:00a-9:50a6-17$50Sign Up
Game SituationThurs, Nov 11th10:00a-10:50a6-17$50Sign Up
Goalie SkillsThurs, Nov 11th10:00a-10:50a6-17$50Sign Up

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