Our intense mini clinics, for boys & girls, are designed to give a player the edge in the game of hockey.

Camps offered for all ages; players will be grouped accordingly. All clinics take place at the Rodman Arena in Walpole, MA unless noted otherwise.

Unless otherwise indicated, the student to teacher ratio is 5:1 (4:1 goalies). Instructors will demonstrate drills for specific skill development and coach each player to insure the drills are done correctly. Our dynamic skill sessions cover every aspect of hockey so players learning the sport develop the critical skills to play up to their potential.

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Private Lessons


Our Power Skills first hour focuses on power skating techniques. Our main focus is inside, outside and glide edge training. Along with proper body, shoulder, stick position and weight transfer. The second hour covers offensive and defensive strategies taught through a variety of challenging game situational drills.


Our Stickhandling Skills first hour will focus on proper stickhandling techniques. We focus on players body position, along with chest and eyes up and hands off the body. Our second hour we progress to high-speed stickhandling, deking, and puck control and protecting the puck.


Our new Shoot/Pass/Score clinic will focus on passing techniques for the first hour. Players are taught to keep hands off body, eyes up, following through to the target and being able to receive and give a pass with their feet moving. The second hour focuses on shooting techniques. We teach players the proper way to shoot to score with a series of drills designed to have each player work on proper body position, weight transfer, loading the stick for maximum velocity as well has eyes up looking at target


For our beginners Learn To Skate we have added a three day mini camp. Practice makes perfect and even at a young age repetition is key, making this three day camp a perfect fit. Players will be grouped by age and ability. This camp is directed by our Learn To Skate director and Hockey director Robbie.

We teach the fundamentals for hockey, figure skating, and speed skating. Basic drills such as being able to stand up on ice, marching, leg lifting, gliding, and hopping. For our advanced beginners we will introduce snowplow stops, crossovers, and backward skating.

All students must wear a safety helmet (bike helmet is ok). In addition, each student must have their own skates (hockey or figure skates). Please make sure to dress your child in warm, water resistant clothing and gloves.


This session will let goalies see a lot of shots from our skater camps. There will be direction given in between drills however it may be minimal as the players will be in net facing shots most of the session. This session is limited to just 6 goaltenders (11-17 yrs old).

Power SkillsFebruary 20th9:00a-11:00a6-17$150Sign Up
StickhandlingFebruary 21st9:00a-11:00a6-17$150Sign Up
Passing/Shooting/ScoringFebruary 22nd9:00a-11:00a6-17$150Sign Up
Shooting/Scoring (Goalie)February 22nd9:00a-11:00a11-17$45Sign Up
Learn To Skate (Tots) NEWFeb 20th-22nd11:10a-11:35a3-6$70Sign Up
Learn To Skate (Tots) NEWFeb 20th-22nd11:35a-12:00p3-6$70Sign Up
Learn To Skate (Youth) NEWFeb 20th-22nd11:10a-12:00p6+$95Sign Up

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